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Friends of The Free Press

Established in 1951, The Catholic Free Press has provided subscribers the most current stories, editorials, local, national and international news with our mission in mind. We have always known the importance of sharing the good news and spreading the word. And in order to ensure that we are a voice for many generations to come, we turn to you as Friends of the Free Press.

Your additional support beyond a yearly subscription will not only sustain the future of our paper – it will assist us as we partner with other Catholic organizations to expand our outreach. Please prayerfully consider supporting our mission by making a donation by using the PayPal link on this page, or by contacting us at 508.757.6387 or e-mail:

Dear Readers-

The Catholic Free Press has been published weekly for more than 65 years and carries the voices of our pope, our bishop and the Catholic community, locally and worldwide.

While the cost to publish our paper has grown, our subscription rate has remained low to keep the paper accessible to all. With this in mind, we look to you for assistance. It is vital to our Catholic community that The Catholic Free Press continues with its mission of spreading the Word throughout the Worcester Diocese and beyond. Individual subscriptions and advertising revenues alone cannot support these efforts.

We appeal to you today to become a Friend of the Free Press by making a donation apart from your regular subscription payment. This additional financial support will ensure that The Catholic Free Press reaches all those who seek the influence of the Good News in their lives – just as you have. Together we can continue to use The Catholic Free Press as an evangelization tool for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ among all people.

God’s peace,

Margaret M. Russell, Executive Editor