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Posted By February 27, 2015 | 5:22 pm | Featured Article #1
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By Margaret M. Russell

Partners in Charity has always been a partner in prayer, but is a prayer-partner in a new way this year.
A donation envelope that includes a place for donors to include their personal prayer requests has brought a flood of responses.
Bishop McManus has promised to take all of the prayer intentions to his chapel and personally pray for them, according to Michael Gillespie, director of the Office of Stewardship and Development.
He said this is the first year that Partners has asked for such intentions and he is overwhelmed by the response .
“In the past when gifts came in people would write a prayer request on the memo line of their check,” he said. But this year Partners intentionally gave people a way to request prayers.
Mr. Gillespie said he expected to receive a few, but after one day’s mail brought in 220 requests, a shoebox full was presented to the Bishop.
The prayer requests truly reflect what is on the minds and hearts of the people in our diocese, Mr. Gillespie said.
For example:
Many people have health problems.
“Please God, keep cancer from recurring in my son’s body,” reads one request. “Recovery from a stroke,” says another. “My painful arthritis,” yet another.
Many people seek prayers for individuals they have named and others for people in general.
“For my son who makes his first Communion – and my other son who is to be confirmed on 5-31.”
“Please pray for all the little children in this world, who do not have loving families to protect them, and suffer abuse both mentally and physically.”
“Please pray for the sick, the suffering, the dying, the poor, the hungry, the addicted, the orphans.”
And many seek prayers for their loved ones who have died or who have fallen away from the Church.
“For the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our family. … For the conversion of family. … For the return of family members to the faith.”
Some requests reflect what is happening around the globe.
“For world peace.”
“For peace in the Middle East, and an end to the group ISIS.”
“For an end to abortion, for traditional marriage.”
Holding a pile of envelopes in his hand, Mr. Gillespie said for people “to know that the Bishop is praying for them and then to ask them to remember the Bishop in their prayers too,” completes the partnership.
One person even sought prayers for the success of the 2015 Partners in Charity appeal, “to meet the needs of all the goals which it has set.”
Mr. Gillespie said he particularly appreciated that one.