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Diocesan Declamation contest

Posted By April 3, 2014 | 1:04 pm | Featured Article #2
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By Laura Lambert
CFP Correspondent

Excitement and tension filled the air as preteens took turns competing to be the best orator at this year’s Declamation Contests which were held at Saint Peter Marian Central Catholic Junior/Senior High School on the morning of Saturday, March 29.
Students in Grades 6-8 represented 14 schools from across the diocese, including: Holy Name (Worcester), St. Joseph’s (Webster), St. Mary’s (Shrewsbury), St. Stephen’s (Worcester), Holy Rosary (Gardner), St. Anna’s (Leominster), St. Bernadette’s (Northborough), St. Louis’s (Webster), St. Anthony’s (Fitchburg), St. Leo’s (Leominster), Assumption School (Millbury), Venerini Academy (Worcester), St. Peter Central Catholic (Worcester), and St. Mary’s Elementary School (Worcester).
The project, which originated 26 years ago, encourages studies in English language and literature and is comprised of six subject areas.  Grade 6 competitors can choose to present in either Children’s Literature or Poetry Reading while students in Grades 7 and 8 can also choose from Prose Reading, Play Reading, Duo Interpretation and Original Oratory.  Duo Interpretation contestants typically perform dialogue from plays while competitors in the Original Oratory category use their own words to present on a subject of their choosing.
Following the presentations which take place in classrooms around the school, parents and teachers act as judges who tally the marks as students and their supporters anxiously await the results in the school cafeteria.  When the judging is complete, participants gather in the auditorium where first, second, and third place awards are given in each category for each grade level.
In a time in which athletic strengths are prized over verbal skills, Sister Marguerite Timothy Young, SND de N strives to ensure that the art of the oratory is both recognized and practiced.  Sister Marguerite, associate superintendent for elementary schools in the Worcester Diocese, expressed the importance of encouraging public speaking abilities in young people.
“I think it’s important for the students to have something besides baseball, basketball,” she said, suggesting that the contest adds diversity to extra-curricular activities for students with varied skills and interests.  “They may not be an athlete.  Maybe they’re a politician.”
Furthermore, the competition helps to prepare youth for the future.  “The children need to know how to get up and speak in public. … Later in life, and even in high school and college, they need to stand up and speak their mind. … This [event] gives them a chance.”
After having organized the declamation contests for the last 13 years, Sister Marguerite noted that she wished she and her peers had been motivated as children to practice oratory as well.  “It’s an important life skill,” she said.

See Video Here:  Declamation Contest



Children’s Literature – Grade 6
First Place – Emma Terho, St. Anthony  School, Fitchburg
Second Place  –  Abigail Erickson, St. Stephen School, Worcester
Third Place  –  Taia LaPointe, St. Leo School, Leominster
Poetry Reading  –  Grade 6
First Place  –  Olivia Lupisella,    Venerini Academy, Worcester
Second Place  –  Abigail Rusak, Holy Rosary School, Gardner
Third Place  –   Francesca Capalbo, St. Stephen School, Worcester

Children’s Literature  –  Grade 7
First Place  –  Alyssa Antonian, Holy Rosary School, Gardner
Second Place  –  Meghan Paquette, Assumption School, Milbury
Third Place  –  Morgan Lajar, St. Louis School, Webster
Duo Interpretation  – Grade 7
First Place  –  Bartosz Mamro / Justyn Sudyka, St. Joseph School, Webster    Second Place  – Madison Witt / Olivia Valery, Venerini Academy, Worcester
Third Place  –  Nadine Theberge / Maria Leger, Holy Rosary School, Gardner
Play Reading  – Grade 7
First Place  –  Hannah Iozzo / Nicole Kulpa, St. Joseph School, Webster
Second Place  –  Donald St. Pierre / Ian Dyer, St. Stephen School, Worcester
Third Place –  Jessica Larkiewicz / Chloe Karapanos, St. Louis School, Webster
Poetry Reading  – Grade 7
First Place  –  Julia Pepka, St. Louis School, Webster
Second Place – Gabriella Conte, Assumption School, Millbury
Third Place  –  Devin Benoit, Venerini Academy, Worcester
Prose Reading  –  Grade 7,  Room 217
First Place  – Abigail Parks, Holy Rosary School, Gardner
Second Place  – Andrea Mechery, Holy Name Jr. High School, Worcester
Third Place –  Spesioza Moriasi, St. Anna School, Fitchburg
Prose Reading  – Grade 7, Room 218
First Place  –  Vivian Adams, St. Louis School, Webster
Second Place  –  Sonia Aweh,
St. Stephen School, Webster
Third Place  –  Cassidy Callahan,
St. Anna School, Fitchburg
Children’s Literature  – Grade 8
First Place – Simran Soin,        St. Bernadette School, Northboro
Second Place  –  Madison Paciello,    St. Peter Central Catholic School, Worcester
Third Place  –  Violeta Powell, St. Stephen School, Worcester
Duo Interpretation  –  Grade 8
First Place   –  Mana Murphy / Nicolas Quimette, St. Peter Central Catholic School, Worcester
Second Place  – Alexis Brissette / Kathryn Hauver, Venerini Academy, Worcester
Third Place  –  Taylon Strong / Brandon Goguen, St. Joseph School, Webster
Play Reading – Grade 8
First Place – Shauna Harney/ Pamela Kalinowski, St. Joseph School, Webster
Second Place – Christina Pham / Julia Soares, St. Stephen School, Worcester
Third Place – Danielle Mahlert/ Saibate Kamara, St. Peter Central School, Worcester
Poetry Reading – Grade 8
First Place  – Bridget O’Leary, St. Mary School, Shrewsbury
Second Place  –  Courtney Gryan,    Assumption  School, Millbury
Third Place – Ava Cormier, Holy Rosary School, Gardner
Prose Reading  –  Grade 8
First Place  –  Joseph Ngyuen, St. Stephen School, Worcester
Second Place – Matthew O’Brien,    Holy Rosary School, Gardner
Third Place –  James Sena,  Assumption School, Millbury
Original Oratory  –  Grade 7/8
First Place  –  Carasanta Woodard, Holy Rosary  School, Gardner
Second Place –  Brian James, St. Louis School, Webster
Third Place – Celine Pelton, Holy Rosary School, Gardner