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Women’s Conference keynoter sings her message

Posted By September 15, 2011 | 11:27 am | Local
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By Mary Donovan

Can Sister Kathy Sherman’s music do what she hopes it will – extend healing, hope and justice to her listeners? Can it express her belief in the interconnectedness of neighbors, one to another and to God? Can she make clear her love for our planet and her concern for its protection and healing?
Attendees at the sixth biennial Diocesan Women’s Conference will find out. Sister Kathy Sherman is a keynote speaker at Gather Us In, 2011. On Nov. 5 at the DCU Center, Sister Kathy will address the conference theme: Gratitude: Acknowledging and Affirming God’s Grace in Our Lives.
Sister Kathy has made it her life’s work accomplishing just that.  The ordinary of life inspires her she said. She sees in the ordinary the power to find the simple, the sacred and the beautiful. She has a strong commitment to earth issues, to saving and healing planet Earth. She works to help others understand that the universe is an interconnected whole that is sacred and in need of our protection.
She is a singer, composer, poet, lyricist and liturgist. She has been writing her songs since 1966. She has published 18 CDs which are listened to throughout the United States and in other parts of the world. Her two most recent are “Walk with Me” – songs for peace and non-violence and “Song of the Universe” which tells the story of the unfolding universe. Sister Kathy holds a bachelor’s in  education from Western Illinois University and a master’s of pastoral studies from Loyola University. She is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph and has her studio in LaGrange Park, Ill.
The title of Sister Kathy’s keynote is: “Gratitude…A Way of Life.” Describing the content of her presentation, she wrote, ‘’The more thankful we are, the more deeply we experience the breadth and depth of living. Gratitude graces us with the capacity to dwell in the joys, sorrows and mystery of life and relationship. A thankful heart teaches us how to be a blessing of hope and goodness for others. A thankful heart is a heart filled with God. In story and song we will celebrate and give thanks for the blessing in all that is.”
Her yearning for peace is ably expressed in this quote from the Ministry of the Arts catalog describing her new album, ‘’Song of the Universe.”
“Kathy Sherman’s passionate lyrics and music resound throughout this new release with challenges, laments, and hope! She writes: ‘I believe that each of us, in our own way, is called to be a troubadour for peace… Imagine what could happen if we joined our minds and hearts…our dreams and ideas…our sweat and tears…our hopes and hard work…our creativity and passion for the sake of peace. …’”
Gather Us In 2011 will present two keynote speakers, Sister Kathy and television journalist/humanitarian Liz Walker. In addition, four workshops will be available, two in the morning session and two after lunch. At the close of the conference, Mass will be celebrated by retired auxiliary  Bishop George E. Rueger.

– Information about the Conference may be attained at the commission website: or click on the link to Commission for Women at the website of the Worcester Diocese,