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Partners in Charity dives into summer

Posted By June 6, 2017 | 2:10 pm | Local
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The diocesan Office of Stewardship and Development is beginning what some people call the second half of the annual Partners in Charity appeal with a positive outlook.
The appeal begins its annual solicitations the first week of Lent. By the beginning of June, most of the gifts and pledges for the fund drive have been received.
Memorial Day, just past, is considered the unofficial start of summer. People begin to think more about vacations, the beach, the mountains, travel, and less about the educational, pastoral and charitable agencies that the appeal helps finance.
But the Partners in Charity Appeal doesn’t go on vacation. It continues through the summer until Aug. 31, the end of the fiscal year.
The gifts and pledges that come in from now on will determine whether the drive meets its goal. Two years ago the appeal fell a bit short of it $5 million goal. Last year it went over the top.
Michael P. Gillespie, director of stewardship and development, thinks it will do so again this year.
“We continue to be optimistic that we will reach our goal,” he said.
He said there are about 4,000 families and individuals who made gifts or pledges last year and in past years who have not yet done so this year.
“Our efforts at this point are focused on reaching out to them to ask for their continued support,” he said.
The appeal has raised $4,356,503 in gifts and pledges as of May 31, or 87 percent of the goal, Mr. Gillespie said. A total of $660,837 is needed to reach the $5 million goal.
The agencies and ministries which receive funding from the appeal are
Clergy Retirement, Retired Priests Health Ministry, Catholic Charities, Haitian Apostolate, McAuley Nazareth Home for Boys, Pernet Family Health Service, Seminarian Health Insurance, St. John Diocesan Cemetery System, Diocesan Development & Stewardship, Catholic Campus Ministry, Catholic Schools Department, The Office of Religious Education, Ongoing Priestly Formation, New Evangelization Worcester for Youth & Young Adults, Catholic School Grants-in-Aid, Seminarian Education, Central Catholic Schools Subsidy, Advanced Studies for Clergy and Laity, Communications Office, African Ministry, Hispanic Ministry, Office of Marriage and Family, Minister to Priests, Office of the Diaconate, Respect Life Office, Cathedral of Saint Paul, Vocations Office, Office for Divine Worship.
For more information or to donate, visit or contact your pastor.